About Us

We’re an independent Chaldean Radio Station that reaches to all segments of our people (Chaldean Assyrian and Syriac).  It is a modern radio station with rejuvenating style, preparation and performance.

Its administrators endeavor, through the interaction and dialogue with all members of our community, to manifest our Chaldean nationality which is a continuation of the Iraqi Identity.  Our radio station is the voice of the truth, the voice of the true word, the voice of the Christian Catholic faith.

The Chaldean Voice is the forum that was born in Detroit on February, 1980.  The beginning was simple and with the support of the Chaldean American Youth Club at that time. The station played a major role in connecting our people by broadcasting their news and activities, the Chaldean and Catholic church and International news, the spreading of the gospel, faith and love through preaching.  The station also has educational, historical, social and political programming.  These programs are produced by our clergy and other intellectual members of our community.  The station has regular interviews with literary, educational, religious and political dignitaries. Our voice occupies a special place in every home that speaks the Chaldean language in addition to Arabic, never losing sight of our goal that our radio should continue to offer a wide variety of programs.

From this position, we look forward to the future with an ambitious vision and a steady campaign to promote and foster the energies and talents of our people and to spread the nationalistic and religious awareness.  This is what we have strived to achieve over Twenty Five years.  We are also proud to state that all the staff and workers at the station offer their service free of charge.
Our Activities:

The Chaldean Voice, run by the Chaldean Communication Network, is a comprehensive establishment.  Its activities expand beyond the field of broadcasting.  Our staff undertakes different activities such as educational lectures, cultural and social plays in addition to poetry and singing festivals such as (The Chaldean Evening) through which we provided support to our artists, writers and poets.

Our Ambition:

We pledge to our listeners that we will remain sincere to our promise that we will continue the journey that we started a quarter a century ago.  We desire to keep the voice of our Chaldean nation powerful and roaring, penetrating every home, a task which is now possible to reach the entire planet via the Internet.  We hope that with your support, we can work to develop our programs and increase our broadcasting hours..  We eventually hope to own our own radio station.  Finally, we must offer out love, appreciation and  thanks to all those who support the Chaldean Voice (The Voice of the Chaldean Nations), morally, financially and educationally.  Our special thanks to our dear Chaldean Church for the boundless support and especially his Excellency Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim who accompanied us in the journey and provided every type of assistance since he was ordained as our bishop.  We also thank the clergymen in our parish.


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